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QuadWrangle's alumni outreach platform lets you do more:

Online Giving

Data Management

Email Marketing

Event Management

Web Portal

Customized App

Alumni Directories

Reporting & Analysis

What does more mean for you?

Personalized e-mails and calls to action that write themselves

Automated, targeted content for alums across mobile, e-mail, and desktop

Predictive reporting that tells you which calls an alum is most likely to respond to

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QuadWrangle is more 

Machine learning is at the core of your alumni platform. As soon as an alum registers with her social media account, the platform automatically begins to learn her profile, interests, and more. It then begins to personalize all outreach — news stories, event invitations, calls to action — to be wholly relevant, and of interest to each alum.

QuadWrangle is more

The machine should work for you, not the other way around — yet other platforms require alumni offices to update and refresh content constantly. Your platform automatically scans all school sources — not just your office — for fresh, relevant content to keep alumni engaged with their newsfeeds and inboxes. Free yourself and your day from engagement drudgery.

QuadWrangle is more

Unlike other reporting tools, your platform’s QuadHub reporting dashboard takes an omnipresent view of every alum. Analyze campaign performance as a whole across mobile, desktop, and e-mail or zero in on a single alum’s e-mail open rate. QuadHub provides you with deep automated insights into your alums — right down to the exact fund they’ll most likely give to.

QuadWrangle is more

It takes more than top-down communications for engagement success. Your platform empowers alums — through our ClassRing technology — to seek each other out and truly network. Job postings, introductions, catch-ups with old friends—there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Alums even have the tools to create their own meetups, from fundraisers to tailgates.

Now what does more mean for you?

  • A standard alumni outreach platform should include...
  • Data Managementdone
  • Email Marketingdone
  • Event Managementdone
  • Online Givingdone
  • Membership Managementdone
  • Social Network Integrationdone
  • However, QuadWrangle is hardly standard. Our features and tools go far beyond industry norms. This is what more gets you …
  • Prospect Research Analyticsdone
  • True Personalizationdone
  • Comprehensive School-Branded Native Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)done
  • Natural Language Processing/Machine Learningdone
  • SMS Messagingdone
  • Single View of Engagement across Web, Mobile, Email and SMSdone
  • ClassRing – Alumni-to-Alumni Networking and Job Recruiting Tooldone
  • Meetups – Alums Have the Power to Create Their Own Events!done
  • Classnotesdone